Friday, October 23, 2020

The Morning Briefing: A New Pitching Coach and Mr. Washington Nationals: Ryan Zimmerman

Martinez, who just agreed to his own multi-year extension in September, seems to be using the leverage he now has with job security to make his own coaching staff decisions after having most of his original staff hired for him when he took over as a rookie manager in 2018.

Nationals agree to terms with Josh Harrison

Today, the Washington Nationals have signed infielder and vet Josh Harrison

Would Yadier Molina be a fit for the Washington Nationals?

With Kurt Suzuki un-likely to return to the Washington Nationals, we take a look at some other catchers that could fill the void.

MLB 2021 Amateur Draft Order is Set

The 2021 MLB Draft order is set, the date and location are set, and the Washington Nationals are drafting at #11.

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Nationals agree to terms with Josh Harrison

Today, the Washington Nationals have signed infielder and vet Josh Harrison

GameNotes Special Edition: World Series Game #2

In an 8-3 win last night, Clayton Kershaw set the tone for the Dodgers in the first World Series Game of 2020.

GameNotes Special Edition: World Series Game #1

Game Details Tampa Bay Rays (40–20) v. Los Angeles Dodgers (43–17)RHP Tyler Glasnow (5-1) | LHP Clayton Kershaw...

Our biggest announcement Yet: Welcome to the Re-Designed Nats Report

With over 500 subscribers to our Morning Briefing and over 200 subscribers to our GameNotes and growing day by day, The Nats Report has become rapidly another excellent resource for all the news and analysis about the 2019 World Series Champions, the Washington Nationals.

Announcing the Nats Report’s: GameNotes

Get the latest game lineups, injury report, and more delivered right to your inbox every Washington Nationals game day

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Q&A With Andrew Stevenson

Andrew Stevenson stood out over the last few weeks of the 2020 campaign and made sure the Washington Nationals will remember him when 2021 roster-building starts and made his case that he deserves to spend some time with the Washington Nationals during the 2021 season.

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