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The Morning Briefing: Did the Nationals Track to win the NL East Just Become Harder?

What should the Nationals next move be now that the NL East might be the most competitve divsion in baseball.

Good Friday Morning, Washington Nationals Fans. Who’s ready for the big game on Saturday Night? 

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Today’s Top Story: Did the Nationals Track to win the NL East Just Become Harder? What should the Nationals Next Move Be?

The East just got a lot more interesting today with the Mets adding Lindor and Carrasco, a giant headline, but what does it mean for the Nats?

It means two things. First, their path to the postseason may have just gotten much harder. These two are tremendous additions to that lineup and that dugout. They are both leaders and players that will have an impact on the Mets from day one. This move pushes the Nats to a clear third place on paper. The Phillies are the Phillies and have not been concerning for a decade, the Marlins could take a step up to that 3rd place on the paper spot, but time will tell if what we saw in that 60 game sprint was real. The offseason winner rarely wins the season, but they have indeed become a much more annoying opponent. 

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This move also means that the Nationals offseason will be scrutinized more than ever. As always, Rizzo has a plan to put together a 90 win team, and this offseason is no different. Just because the Mets made a considerable addition does not mean that the Nats should run out and overpay for a Realmuto or Springer, it may prompt the team to open up a little more, but they cannot be reactionary. They need to stick to the plan that they have to fill the holes that the numbers and scouts say should be filled differently. This team will make more additions and make ones they believe will get the Nats to that 90 win total.

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The move may define the East this year, but it should not determine the Nat’s approach.  

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On a lighter note: Yesterday, Gerardo Parra got a nice new present delivered to his house. We must say, it’s pretty, pretty nice. Click here to view the video.

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