Monday, July 26, 2021

MLB and MLBPA Announce Weekly COVID-19 Testing Results

Welcome to baseball in a COVID world where weekly COVID-19 stats are going to be reported by the MLB and MLBPA.

Today, Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball players association announced the second set of COVID-19 results conducted under MLB’s COVID-19 health and Monitoring & Testing Plan.┬áThis testing is being conducted during Spring Training.

Here the results:

Weekly Intake Testing: Nine hundred tests were conducted, with three new positive tests, a 0.3% positivity rate. 

Weekly Monitoring Testing: 13,208 tests were conducted, with five new positive tests; a 0.04% positivity rate. 

Total testing to Date: 20,742 tests were conducted, with 20 total positive tests; a 0.1% positivity rate. Fourteen different teams have had a Covered Individual positive test since the start of Intake Screening.

All Major League active roster players, non-roster invitees, and Tiers 1 and 2 club staff members are required to complete the Intake process, which includes a five-day at-home quarantine, a contactless temperature check, an antibody test, a diagnostic PCR saliva test, and a self-quarantine until the results of PCR are reported.

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