Monday, July 26, 2021

Technology Meet Baseball, Baseball Meet Technology

Major League Baseball Selects Extreme Networks As Official Wi-Fi Solutions Provider, will improve fan, media and staff internet experiences.

In the age of iPads, smart devices, getting the latest tweets and updates from beat reporters can be hard to get inside the stadium while a game is occurring. Sometimes getting any reception is a challenge, and teams don’t necessarily provide free wifi, enter Extreme Networks.

Back in February, Extreme Networks became the Official wifi Solutions Provider of MLB. What does that mean, and how will this partnership affect fans, staff, and media at the ballpark.

Now that fans will be returning to baseball stadiums across America this Spring/Summer, fans can also expect fast and secure wifi connections at stadiums that Extreme powers. Fans will be “connected to a state-of-the-art network that can support bandwidth-hungry applications during the game. Whether they’re navigating the concourse, ordering food from their seats, or posting memorable moments to social media. Extreme Networks and Major League Baseball will provide seamless and effortless connections.”

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Media and broadcast companies can also expect and benefit from a very fast network. Extreme Networks has created a “cloud enabled access points and Wi-Fi 6 solutions will support thousands of games this season and Postseason.” Additionally, for the venues, this tech company will be providing advanced stadium analytics to more than half of Major League Baseball. “MLB teams can better understand how their network is being utilized with application visibility and data insight. Extreme analytics also allows for optimal uptime by flagging performance issues before they happen.

Each stadium contains several verticals that must run smoothly on game day. From retail in the team store to hospitality in the suites, logistics, food services, and field services. When it’s game time, the network supports all functions and ensures a superb end-user experience.”

In a press release back in February, Chris Marinak, Chief Operations & Strategy Officer, MLB said: “”Our pursuit of adopting best-in-class technology serves the dual purpose of helping Major League Baseball continue to advance the sport while also engaging with fans of all generations in new ways. Specifically, our network requirements not only demand the highest levels of reliability but also capability to support the data, applications, and devices which enable us to provide minute level of details and insights. With Extreme’s support, we know we will deliver an improved experience for everyone in these ballparks.”

As fans return to baseball stadiums across America, they can expect more than just having the great ballpark food again. Still, they will also enjoy some new technology to follow the game closely!

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