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The Morning Briefing: Washington Nationals 0, COVID-19 Virus 1

Washington Nationals and Major League Baseball headlines, news and the latest news for April 2, 2021

Good Morning Washington Nationals Fans! Happy Friday Morning, and for those who celebrate Happy Good Friday.

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Richard wrote today’s Morning Briefing.

Today Top Story: Washington Nationals 0, COVID-19 Virus 1 

Not the score that we were hoping for; yesterday served as a reminder that things aren’t back to normal just yet. 

Wednesday afternoon Mike Rizzo announced that a player tested positive for COVID-19 and that the “opening day lineup would be effected,” many of us held our breath and hoped for the best. 

Well, yesterday afternoon around noonish, there were rumblings on Twitter that the Opening Night game between the New York Mets and the Washington Nationals was going to be postponed. Of course, since it was April fools day, many thought it was a horrible joke. Unfortunately, it turned out that it was true when ESPN and MLB Network reported that the game was going to be postponed due to coronavirus concerns, which sent the Twitter world wondering what happened, which player got the virus, and making sure that player would be better soon.

In a press conference last night, hours after the game was postponed, General Manager Mike Rizzo announced that three Washington Nationals players tested positive during the week, and a fourth player might also might have tested positive. As Rizzo put it Thursday evening, “the different elements of the first test lead us to believe it’s a likely positive.” The Nationals announced the first case Wednesday afternoon. Rizzo announced the next two while the team conducted additional contact tracing for the new positive tests.

Late Thursday night, the Nationals announced that there would be no games played on Friday, and there has been no indication that the Nationals will play this weekend. So once again, we wait… 

Lindor’s Extension and Its Impact on the Nationals

The New York Mets finally got it done. They got their guy locked in just hours before Opening Day. The Mets and Francisco Lindor agreed to a 10-year extension that will pay him $341 Million. He will be a Met until he is 37-years-old and will be getting paid by them until 2041. You read that right! Steve Cohen, the richest owner in baseball, handed out a large deferral, and that’s hardly shocking. Contrary to popular belief, the concept of deferred payments is not a negotiating tool reserved strictly for the Lerner Family and the Washington Nationals.

Read the full article on how this contract Impacts the Washington Nationals.

Podcast Alert: In the Clubhouse with the Nats Report

While we wait for baseball to return to the Nation’s Capital, please take a listen to some of my favorite podcast episodes! Make sure to listen to my interview with Washington Nationals shortstop prospect Jackson Cluff. I enjoyed this conversation, and it is worth listening.


On Monday, I am releasing my conversation with Washington Nationals pitching prospect Jackson Rutledge and this interview is something that you will not want to miss! Make sure that you share, subscribe, review and rate the podcast on your favorite podcasting platform.

Welcome to Washington D.C., Smash Brothers 

Can a Combination of Zimmerman and Bell Power the Nats to a Division Title? I take a close look at the success that the Nationals saw during Spring Training with Ryan Zimmerman and Josh Bell, making a positive impact on the team. One question remains, can this success translate into the regular season! 

Click here to read the full article.

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