Announcing the Nats Report’s: GameNotes

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Have you wondered what information you need to have before the Washington National take the field? 

Wondered which Washington Nationals is on the injury list?

Want to know the pitching matchups, lastest injury list, line ups for the Nationals? 

Have you wondered what the big storylines that are being discussed?

Are you tired of searching the internet for all the information?

Well, if you answered YES to any of those questions, then GameNotes from the Nats Report is for you!

Our primary mission at the Nats Report is providing you, the fans, with the latest information about your favorite baseball team; that’s why we started: GameNotes.

GameNotes provides you with the

  • Lineups and Pitching Matchup
  • Gameday injury report
  • Game time analysis and “What to Watch”
  • Transactions
  • upcoming schedule
  • and so much. 

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We know that you are going to love GameNotes.

Here is a sample of what’s to come to every Nationals Gameday.