Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Perspective: Nationals Fans Deserve to be in the Ballpark for Opening Day or Right after

Almost a year removed from thhe COVID-19 outbreak, Nationals fans deserve to make thier own decision on if they want to see a Nats Game or not.

Impressions from the first week of games at Spring Training

Well, it's been one full week full of baseball games to analyze and write about. With 40% of Spring Training completed and Opening Day fast...

Perspective: Juan Soto Extension Dreams

What would it take for the Washington Nationals to lock up Right fielder Juan Soto. We came up with a couple of ways to make it happen.

Impressions from the First Spring Training Game

Thoughts and impressions from the first 2021 Washington Nationals Spring Training Game against the St. Louis Cardinals

Perspective: Welcome to 2021, Where the Nationals Bullpen Is going to be a place of strength

With RHP Jeremey Jeffress's signing, the Washington Nationals bullpen becomes a sign of strength after years of hoping and praying.

Perspective: Washington Nationals fans are left wondering if they will be returning to Nats Park this season.

Washington Nationals fans are left wondering if they will be returning to Nats Park this season due to COVID-19

Perspective: The Case For Victor Robles Leading Off

Washington’s Lineup is in a weird spot right now. They have a good amount of high-level talent, but it’s not as deep as many would like, so Victor Robles might be a good option to lead off.

NL East 2021 Season Preview: The Atlanta Braves

Since moving to the National League East in 1994, the Atlanta Braves and Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals has been one of the best rivalries in baseball and 2021 looks to be more of the same.

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