Monday, January 25, 2021

Washington Nationals Prospects

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Meet the 16-Year-Old Shortstop from the Dominican Republic: Armando Cruz

According to reports, this year, the Nationals will sign Armando Cruz, a 16-year-old shortstop from the Dominican Republic; here is his player profile.

Washington Nationals International Signings

As the International signing period is near we take a look at the history of the Washington Nationals International Signings and a look towards the future.

The Washington Nationals can learn from the San Diego Padres recent Moves: Improve the Farm System ASAP

The recent moves by the Padres show that the Nationals should focus on developing their farm system beyond pitching.

The Rule 5 Draft and The Washington Nationals

The Winter Meetings might be virtual this year, rather than all of baseball gathering in Dallas as was planned, but some things don’t change. The Rule 5 Draft is taking place on Thursday, as usual, albeit via conference call. Every year, teams do find big league talent in the Draft.