Friday, February 26, 2021

Move over wearables, the first Smart Baseball is coming!

Nowadays, we have smartwatches, home devices. Why not have a smart baseball? Well, thanks to Jingletek, a technology company, a smart baseball is on the horizon.

In an age when technology is in everything and is part of everything we do, from the watch we wear to yelling at a box to change the channel or skip a song, we have become reliant on technology.

Sporting equipment has evolved due to technological advances. Recently, we wrote about a company using data collected during practice and making it more accessible and understandable to amateurs and others.   

A Smart Baseball might become the latest tool in a teams toolbox to help better understand and help pitchers attain optimal training results. The Strike smart baseball developed by Jingletek, is going to help make that all possible. 

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STRIKE first made a debut in the market via successful funding from different crowdfunding platforms, including Kickstarter (US) and Makuake (Japan), and Jingletek have fulfilled all the orders to these platforms.

“With multiple precision sensors built in, it only takes for STRIKE to provide athletes quantifiable data to analyze for complete grasp of training conditions,” said Jingletek Founder and CEO Ching Lun Lin.

Strike is the world’s first smart baseball that captures all the tiny measurements naked to human eyes with multiple precision sensors, the ball can measure important metrics such as spin rates, rotational axis, velocity, trajectory, and location, providing coaches and athletes quantifiable data to analyze for complete understanding of what is going on with the ball when pitched. 

The ball is made with professional-grade materials and has an identical weight and feel of a Major League Baseball, and you can charge it wirelessly! It’s a pretty cool piece of technology and could improve a pitcher’s understanding of what the ball does after it leaves the hand. 

What will they think of next? 

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