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5 Pitchers that can fill the 4th spot in the Pitching Rotation: UPDATED

Since our previous article, there have been some moves, so we have updated the list of three new pitchers that can fill the 4th spot in the Washington Nationals Rotation


At the beginning of this month, we shared five good pitchers that can fill the 4th pitching spot on the Washington Nationals rotation. However, things have moved fast over a couple of weeks since we wrote the article, so we thought we would update the article and provide some new ideas that can fit. 

Before we get to our new suggestions, let’s quickly go through some updates:  

Robbie Ray – 

Our original article suggested that Robbie Ray would be a good fit for the Nationals, and so did the Blue Jays. That is why on November 7, 2020, the Blue Jay’s gave Ray a one-year contract worth $8MM, therefore, taking Ray out of the list of available free agents. 

Marcus Stroman-

Out of all the pitchers that we profiled, we have to say that when the news came that Stroman accepted the $18.9 million in 2021 qualifying offer that the Mets gave him, we were disappointed. We felt that he would be a perfect fit for the Washington Nationals.

Trevor Bauer-

From the beginning, we thought it would be a long shot for the Washington Nationals to sign Trevor Bauer, but it became even less likely this week when he won a Cy Young Award. Since Bauer won the Cy Young Award, we think it will place him out of the reach of a contract type that both sides would agree. 

Now that we removed three pitchers from our original five, we now need to add three new pitchers to our list. Here are some of our ideas: 

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