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In the Clubhouse: Washington Nationals Bobbleheads

Welcome to the very first eposide of the Nats Report Podcast: In the Clubhouse.

The Nats Report Podcast: In the Clubhouse is going to focus on all things off the field about the Washington Nationals from a fan perspective. Some upcoming episode topics that we are going to cover include:

  • Fun things to eat and do at Nationals Park;
  • Interviews with Washington Nationals Players (hopefully of course);
  • Interviews with Washingtontions that are passionate about the Nationals;
  • and whatever elese we can think about of course!
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We hope that you enjoy the podcast and don’t forget to share, subscribe, rate and review and most importantly let’s have some fun!

The Nats Report Podcast In the Clubhouse, Eposide 1: Washington Nationals Bobbleheads

For my first episode, I am going to talk about Washington Nationals Bobbleheads! We all love them, some of us wait in line two hours before Nats Park opens to get that exclusive bobblehead, some of us buy them online or on ebay after the game, either way we love our Washington Nationals Bobbblheads. I asked the brand new writer for the Nats Report t and my friend Jermey who I actually became friendly with waiting on line two hours before Nats Park opened to get the Obi One Kenobi Sean Doolittle Bobblehead in the Spring of 2019. Jeremey and I were standing next to each other and our friendship started from there. It’s a great Bobblehead story!

I hope that you enjoy. If you have a topic that you would like us to talk about leave a comment below and I will see if we can fit it into an upcoming eposide.

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