Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Report: Cleveland’s Baseball Team Will Drop Its “Indians” Team Name

The decision comes amid a wider push for sports teams to stop using Native American names and imagery as team names and mascots.

Well, if you thought 2020 would end quietly, you are seriously wrong. 

The New York Times has just reported that Cleveland’s baseball team will be dropping its “Indians” team nickname. Just like the Washington Football Team did in the begining of the summer, the team announced that it will go through a “review” and make an official announcement expected to come as early as this week, The New York Times’ David Waldstein and Michael S. Schmidt reports. 

From the article: “It is not immediately clear what Cleveland’s exact steps will be beyond dropping the Indians name. The transition to a new name involves many logistical considerations, including work with uniform manufacturers and companies that produce other team equipment and stadium signage.”

The New York Times article went on to say: “One option that the team is considering, two of the people said, is moving forward without a replacement name — similar to how the Washington Football Team proceeded — then coming up with a new name in consultation with the public. The Cleveland baseball franchise has been known as the Indians since 1915, but Native American groups and others have for decades opposed the use of Indigenous names, mascots and imagery for sports teams, insisting they are demeaning and racist. Cleveland’s name and Washington’s old name were considered among the most high-profile examples and were the targets of widespread campaigns for change.”

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